Jean-Bernard Barsamian was born in 1971 in Paris region. He(it) crosses(spends) his(its) childhood in the middle of the boxes of move which eventually fail(eventually run aground) in Morbihan. In it move household(housework), one day, its room of bath takes speeds(looks) of lab photo. And, it is between soap bubbles and steams of the revelation that springs the passion. Doubtless also the immaterial inheritance of a lineage of excited forefathers.

At the age of 7, he activates(starts) his first Instamatic offered by his father artisan photographer and artist painter. For him, the holidays summer get organized in camps of archaeological searches(excavations) with his(her) uncle professor of history. In 10 years Jean-Bernard likes there are first subject of "report" with his(her) réflex first one lent for the occasion. In the adolescence, the taste of the image asserts itself but far from the school of photography of its dreams.

Self-taught, it is in 2000 when Jean-Bernard picks up(takes down) his first job in the image. Responsible for the photography in a company(society) of production for 6 years, he(it) builds up to itself a robust and rich experience(experiment). He(it) covers the current events of his(its) department, that it is about institutional events, of politics(policy), sport and spectacle. The school on the heap.
In 2006, he feels ready to give a new run-up to his passion and becomes independent a photographer. He(it) creates the picture library of Génopole of Evry, collaborates with Easyvoyage to realize the hotel book abroad, pursues the political campaigns, the institutional reports and answers an address book for événementiels reports.

In 2009, to become father requires some guarantees on the future, he integrates then the local Archives of Yvelines. His(her,its) work of photographer opens on the other aspects: the digitalization and the recording studio and in outside.
At the same time, he(it) continues, for his(its) own account, to cover sports events notably in the field of the motonautism (12 pm Rouen time,
World championship of Chalon on the Saône, 25 hours of SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS FRANCORCHAMPS in Belgium), but also Mongolfiades, (Festival of Macaws), spectacles of companies of oriental dances, festivals of jazz, concerts and introduce more personal works (notably around Graff)... He(it) publishes in the express, in the specialized reviews, his(its) photos make the poster of events, the coverage of book(pound)

For Jean-Bernard, to express himself by the image is essential. To convey his feelings to inform, testify, to create, make travel, Jean Bernard joins in the correctness, the simplicity and the humility of the glance, faithful to the discreet and sensitive man that it is.
His(Her,Its) photographic universe notably stops(arrests) on war photojournalists such as Robert Capa and James Nachtwey for their nearness of the subjects and their testimonies at the risk of their life.
The blacks and the deep whites of Jeanlou Sief, and " The absences of the photographer " of Raymond Depardon or still Thierry's " Cows "
Ouches makes however his(her,its) artistic spectre.

For 3 years, in red thread of his every day life(daily paper), Jean-Bernard took himself in the game(set) of moments stolen in his RER which he frequents indefatigably " 3 hours a day, 15 hours by weeks, 60 hours a month, if everything is well... " Crossed legs, rails in lively, tags, lights, fogs, words of love, abandoned readings, crowds, solitudes, musing, busy hands, mixed(involved) bodies, left quays, reflections... He(it) lives in confidentially poetic inexhaustible reflections of lives which are not it still.
Jean-Bernard, it is also this affection in Armenia. The subject is well to him(her) and its cliché(picture) N*B of Gyumri upsets and prick the skin.